CNC Turning

At Massload Machining & Fabrication we carry a mid-sized Okuma Cadet L1420 x 650 CNC turning centre that produces excellent parts. The lathe has a swing over bed of 18.90 inches, a max turning diameter of 14.17 inches with a max recommended length of 18.90 inches for chucking work and 25.59 inches for shaft work. We are also equipped with a large manual Lion lathe for performing a mutual variety of turning operations. Our experienced machinists have the ability to maintain extremely tight tolerances down to +0.000 -.0002”and we have machined over 45,000 shafts over the years!

CNC Lathe Equipment

High tolerance

Our equipment and years of experience have given our staff the ability to maintain extremely tight tolerances including over 45, 000 shafts with a tolerance of +0.000 -.0002”

Production runs

Large and small production runs, monthly scheduled runs and rush jobs can all be accommodated.

Lathe Models

Okuma Cadet-L1420 x 650

Swing over bed21.61”
Max turning diameter10.63”
Max recommended length19.68”

Lion Engine Lathe C11MT