CNC Milling

At Massload Machining & Fabrication we have two large Dah-Lih Vertical Machining Centres MCV-1500 with 3 and 4 axis capability. These CNC mills have a large 67in x 27in table and use a CAT 50 spindle running at speeds up to 3500 rpm at 25HP. These machines are excellent mills for aggressive metal removal while still achieving high accuracy to 0.002 inch or less. The CNC mills are a perfect solution for vertical boring to an extremely tight tolerance of 0.0005 inch. Massload Machining & Fabrication’s 4-axis capability is great for machining spline shafts. Our CNC mills are equipped with large KURT vices to provide excellent grip for a wide range of large workpieces and we also have a Heckert horizontal mill used for facing off and bevelling our larger workpieces.

CNC Milling Centres

  1. High tolerance

    Our machinists are able to maintain extremely tight tolerances. Boring 0.0005″ and Milling 0.002″

  2. Production runs

    Large and small production runs, monthly scheduled runs and rush jobs can all be accommodated.

  3. CNC Milling Centres

    Dah-Lih MCV 1500 4 axis
    Dah-Lih MCV 1500 3 axis
    Heckert FU 400 2/PS Horizontal mill